Question about versioning of bindings

I’m a little bit confused about the versioning of bindings.

In OH2.0 I use Astro binding. Bundle:List tells me Version 2.0.0…
Now I updated to OH2.1. Astro binding has version 0.9.0.b5

How to know which version is the newer one and in which version which feature is implemented?
In the docu of the binding is only a reference to 2.0.0. And no documentation which feature is implemented in which version of the binding.

That is hard to do: you need to read all the closed issues on github, find the date those issues got merged into the ESH (because the astro binding is part of ESH) and then find out when the updated ESH got implemented into the recent snapshot.

What do you mean by that? I can’t find any reference in the docu to a specific version:

Normally the docu reflects the current snapshot, so in this case the 2.2.

Long story short: the astro binding had some issues in the last months which are all solved in the recent snapshot, so I would upgrade to openHAB 2.2 unstable which contains the current and working astro binding.

+1 for everything sihui said with just one little bit of missing data. The Astro binding used to be one of the openHAB bindings developed and maintained in the openhab2-addons repository. It was moved from there to the Eclipse SmartHome project which is on a different version numbering scheme. So while it looks like it jumped backwards in version number, it 0.9.0.b5 is really the latest version of Astro for OH 2.1.

Is there a document somewhere that shows the delineation between ESH and OH? Trying to keep on top of who, what, and where can sometimes been a frustrating endeavor.

Where to go, what version of a binding to use, etc.

We need a good easy to use reference without needing to dig through github.

I don’t know such a document, but if you want the most recent version of a binding, the unstable (aka nightly) snapshot is the best option. @Kai does an announcement every time there is a merge of ESH to openHAB.

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