Question about z-wave binding 2.4 - command poll interval - unit?

I play around with the new 2.4 binding. One question is the unit of “command poll interval”

The default value is 1500. But is this sec. or msec. or other unit?

It’s msec (i.e. 1.5 seconds). Increasing this is useful for devices that can take a while to update their state (e.g. dimmers and locks). If the state update is not complete, the repoll can give strange results (e.g. the light is a 45% when it’s actually off).

Thanks for the answer.

This leads me to my next question.

For what is this userful? I set it to 0 (disable) for my rollershutter. Then I get a value only if the rollershutter is stopped. This value is sent by the rollershutter itself.

For my battery powered devices I should set it to 0 too? Because they will not react to this poll? At all this will reduce the z-wave communication traffic?

I think it is helpful only for dimmers or locks? Not for battery powered sensors (door, temperatur, ilumination, smoke…).

I find it mainly useful for devices that don’t report their status after a command is sent.

Can you give me an example of such a device? I think my devices report by themself, maybe :wink: