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sorry have to ask you again something :scream:

Reagarding the XML that is created during initalization. There are 2 devices in the DB which I created identically - as they should be a 100% clone despite the manufacuterer id.

Now when I compare the XMLs that are created after initalization … one device has NO command class “Meter” in the XML - its in the DB though

Does the device itself identify itself not having this capability or how does this happen?

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No problem at all :slight_smile: .

Yes - this comes from the device itself, so the devices are (apparently) different in some way it seems. Now, it might just be that the class has been removed from the NIF, or, it might be that the functionality has been completely removed…

It’s like the Danfoss LC13 and the Devolo version - they look the same, they are (nearly!) the same, but the Devolo version reports current temperature, while the Danfoss doesn’t…

Can I somehow “force” the usage of this command class? Or another way to find out if I really have a plug where “metering” was removed from the physcial device?

My Screenshot shows a Devolo vs a Philio device. However other users also confirm for the Philio that “Metering” works for the them - always identified as PAN11 in Habmin. So that would mean there are 2 versions of the same device (PAN11) - with and w/o metering.

Yes - in the database we can add the class, and then in the command class options, put the word “ADD” (no quotes). You would also need to add the channels - you should be able to copy the config from the other device.

If it doesn’t work, we need to clean up though as I dont want to leave lots of incorrect configuration in the database where we’re adding channels that aren’t real (like the smoke sensor notification ;))…

I did not forget about that :wink:
Your last comment was you would change something in the way messages are processed. I always look in the changes of the new builds :slight_smile: . Once I am convinced theere is no way I can send alarms to the sensors (for smoke I am 99% convinced :wink: / for the plug I still have some hope) I will definately clean them again … or ask you for that as I have no right to remove stuff like that I think… :frowning:

Ok - for the PAN11 - this would be it?

Hmmm - I need to find this then ;).

Yes - looks correct.

direct link for you :wink:


…and a link to the change I already made, for you :wink:

mhhhh didnt see this change… that probably means I should give up :joy: and stop trying to get the incoming alarms to work with the fibaro plug

Well, there are other things we could try, but I suggest for now, let’s park it for a while. I’m in communication with Fibaro about some things so I might ask them how this is meant to work. It might be (possibly!) that it’s the V1 alarm it’s looking for, not the notifications…

pretty excited if that makes my plugs work :slight_smile: staring for months on them :wink:

sorry no right for me to remove ALARM from:

and for

I could only “blank” it if that helps

Hey @chris just wanted to Ping you on that ^^
So i dont leave Junk in the DB :slight_smile:

When are you creating a new build? Curious if the Update for the Philio Pan 11 will work out. :slight_smile:

Sorry - been busy. I’m just trying to catch up on messages here to make sure there’s nothing else - I’ve already exported the database updates so I’ll generate new code tonight…

I’ve removed the smoke sensor channel since I’m pretty sure this can’t work as it’s a battery device. I’ll leave the wallplug for now as I’d like to think we can get this working (possibly I’ll try the V1 alarm class rather than the notification).

I updated the binding. Removed the XML. Removed and readded the device.

Although there is the ADD option now in the DB… the xml thats created still does not have this class.
I understood that ADD should have actually forced this?


node4.xml (8.1 KB)

Please delete the XML and restart the binding and provide the log and I’ll have a look at what’s happening…

I sent you a lengthy log :slight_smile:

trying to improve my zwave skills and looking in your log viewer… a param1 problem? … but what about :frowning:

Got it - thanks. I’ve gotta work tonight - will try and take a look, but otherwise will do it tomorrow…

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Let’s see if this helps…