Question on EnOcean Binding for OpenHAB2


I have a question:

Can I use Eltako FTE210:


With EnOcean-Binding (OpenHAB2) and USB 300?

(I use openhabianpi on my raspPI 3B+)


For the USB 300, this link indicates it work’s with OH.

I didn’t find any info about the Radio button.:neutral_face:

Hi H01,

thanks for reply - but what radio button you mean?

I googled and read this is a radio button. Was I looking at the wrong thing?

Hi H102,

as I understand this is a switch with 4 buttons as presented in the image.

Hi @mr.burns,

the USB300 is definitely supported (binding is developed on an USB300 :wink:). Your switch is just a normal EnOcean rocker switch with another housing. So I would also think, that this switch is supported too.

Best regards

@fruggy83: Thanks - then I will try that…