Question on iOS app


Openhab2 perfectly runs on my raspberry. But the iOS app causes some trouble: Why can’t I see current title, artist or album currently playing on my sonos? In paper ui it’s correct but basic ui and classic ui have the same…it does not show the information.

Thanks a lot.


The iOS/Android Apps and ClassicUI rely on Items and Sitemaps to work, Have you created those?

I think so. The following is a screenshot.

Sorry, that Screenshot does not help. You would need to post the content of your .items and .sitemap files…

Sorry, It took a little time. I created .things .items .sitemap for just one of my sonos play1 devices. The cpontroller part is working find, but still no information on title, album, artist,… The folowing is the content of the three files and attached a screenshot from my android device.

Thanks a lot.


my demo.things

Thing sonos:PLAY1:office [ udn="RINCON_949F3E82E83801400", refresh=60]

my test.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
                Frame label="Sonos Büro" {
                        Default item=Sonos_Controller
                        Slider  item=Sonos_Volume
                        Switch  item=Sonos_Mute
                        Switch  item=Sonos_LED
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentTrack
                        Text    item=Sonos_State
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentTitle
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentAlbum
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentArtist
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentTrackUri
                        Text    item=Sonos_CurrentTransportUri


my sonos.items

Group Sonos <player>
Player Sonos_Controller                 "Controller"                                            (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:control"}
Dimmer Sonos_Volume                     "Volume [%.1f %%]"              <soundvolume>           (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:volume"}
Switch Sonos_Mute                       "Mute"                          <soundvolume_mute>      (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:mute"}
Switch Sonos_LED                        "LED"                           <switch>                (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:led"}
String Sonos_CurrentTrack               "Now playing Track [%s]:"       <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:currenttrack"}
String Sonos_State                      "Status [%s]"                   <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:state"}
String Sonos_CurrentTitle               "Now playing Title [%s]:"       <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:currenttitle"}
String Sonos_CurrentAlbum               "Now playing Album [%s]:"       <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:currentalbum"}
String Sonos_CurrentArtist              "Now playing Artist [%s]:"      <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:office:currentartist"}
String Sonos_CurrentTrackUri            "Now playing [%s]"              <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:living:currenttrackuri"}
String Sonos_CurrentTransportUri        "Now playing [%s]"              <text>                  (Sonos) {channel="sonos:PLAY1:living:currenttransporturi"}

Uh…I’m not working with .thing files. I let my things get discovered, which also creates the associated chanells. And I think that is your problem: You will also have to declare the channels in the thing file (i think…). I find it much easier to use autodiscover and then create my items in files. This way you don’t have to worry about the thing IDs and stuff. There even is a button to copy the chanel name to the clipboard:

Oli, That’s it. Thanks a lot.