Question on streaming radio and/or using smarthome:audio stream

So I’ve started fiddling with streaming different radio channels. I’d like a simple solution that does it straight from my Raspberry Pi 3. I tried some options mentioned on different forums such as playStream and the like. I don’t know all the options out there since I both discovered and installed openhub2 today! The option that worked for me that I found was smarthome:audio stream . My problem is that I can’t for my life figure out how to turn it off! I saw some other methods using streaming “null” as a way. Didn’t work in this scenario. It didn’t say that smarthome:audio stop wasn’t a command and didn’t complain when I used it but no result. Stream just keeps going and there’s nothing in the documentation saying anything about it. Do anyone have a clue of a better way for me to stream audio or know how I can turn it off? It’s not much use to me if I can only turn it on :slight_smile: