Question regarding Group/ Sitemap

I got my Raspi2 a couple of weeks ago and just finished my first project of controlling a few power outlets wirelessly. Now I wanted to control those using Openhab.
I installed the latest version of openhab (1.7.x) and got the server up and running. Next I wanted to add the items and sitemap to it. Unfortunately I cannot get it working.
I want to show switches with ON/OFF state and control them. I am attaching my Items and sitemap here. Could some please direct me where I am faltering. I have been looking at the demo files, but I need to get a good understanding of the “Group” and “Sitemap”

==================================== items =================
Group All
Group gGF (All)

Group GF_Living “Living Room” (gGF)
Group GF_Corridor “Corridor” (gGF)

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) Lights “All Lights [(%d)]”

Switch Light_GF_Corridor_Ceiling “Ceiling” (GF_Corridor, Lights){exec=”>[OFF:/var/www/rfoutlet/codesend 1381692] >[ON:/var/www/rfoutlet/codesend 1381683]”}

======================= Sitemap ===========================
sitemap demo label=”Home Automation”
Frame label = “Light_Switches” {
Switch item=Light_GF_Corridor_Ceiling label=”Ceiling” mappings=[ON=”On”, OFF=”Off”]

Thank you

First of all, in addition to the demo, be sure to consult with the wiki. It explains things and provides details that the demo does not.

Using a Group on the sitemap will cause the sitemap to create a sub-panel with all of the members of that group listed using whatever those Items are configured with by default.

So if you put

Group item="Lights"

You will get a switch that will trigger all the members of that group at the same time or, if you click on the label it will open a panel listing Light_GF_Corridor_Celing and let you switch it individually.