Question: Troubleshooting: I down see custom icons

Can I enable html debuging?
My Problem:
i have a icon: /etc/openhab2/icons/classic/zodiac.png

in the browser I down see nothing

or I see a grey square

Thangs for help

Hello @gitpower2017,
there are two ways to provide icons. Either as bitmap graphic (.png) or as scalable vector graphic (.svg). Looking at your posting you are trying to use a png while being in svg “mode”. You need to either provide “zodiac.svg” or change your Basic UI setting to “png”. I recommend to go with the first solution. Working with svgs will be better in the long run.

All further details can be found in documentation:
Please study the details given there, you’ll see that its quite easy.

I’d kindly ask you to remember to describe your problem better next time.