if i make my own component with spring boot(the component should novate a sensor) it s possile to connect it with openhab ???

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It depends on how you want to connect to openHAB, because there are several possibilities to connect. You should be more specific in your question.
For instance a lot of DIY sensors use MQTT messages over Wifi, that would be possible.

i have a spring boot component that gives me random values , i would like to use that values as temperature . my question is it is possible to use that values and to see ist on my basic UIs as temperature or i should unse a real sensor .


Welcome to openHAB. I agree with opus, your situation and your goal are still to fuzzy to provide a really helpful answer.
Not so helpful answer: yes, it is possible. I.e. there will be a way to get almost anything to your openHAB UI.
The helpful answer would need some more info from your side.
When your device sends random numbers, what’s the point using that as anything other than a random number? (If you want a real temperature, use a real temperature sensor.)
What data interface is provided by your component? (Is it analog, digital? Special interface or protocol? Datasheet would help a lot.)
Where is it located? Where’s your openHAB server and what’s it running on? (So can it be directly connected to e.g. a Raspberry Pi or is a wireless controller of some kind necessary?)
The more you provide, the better help you get =)
PS: a better title will make more people with the rifht know-how for your problem look a your question.

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‘Question’ is not really a good topic title. Please update the topic title so that gives an idea what this topic is about.

That said, checkout the openHAB REST API. In Spring Boot use e.g. a restTemplate to post new temperature values to a specific Item in openHAB.