Questions about custom widgets

I’m really liking what I’m seeing for widget customization across the various UIs, but I have two related questions.

  1. I’ve taken the dive into .yml based custom widgets. I am, however, a fullstack web developer so I feel a bit hamstrung using only yaml and only the components exposed to me in the UI. Can I build my own widget or page templates using VUE templates?

  2. Quite a bit of what I’ve been able to accomplish comes from grepping the openhab-ui git repo. There exists within the official extensions quite adequate markdown documentation of the built-in oh-* components within that repo. Does that documentation exist on the web somewhere? Is there a way to build it?

  1. I know you can use raw F7 components but I doubt you can get deeper than that.

  2. Component Reference | openHAB

That’s what I’ve been doing. Maybe what I’m looking to do is to roll my own components.

Is there no basic set of components even lower level than that? I know of f7-link which is useful for text, but are there others that can be used to simply render a div with innerHtml content, <h1>,<li> etc ?

Oh (:man_facepalming: ) , don’t know how I missed that.

I’m not an expert on this but I think what you see is what you get. The whole point of MainUI was to provide an environment where us mere mortals are able to create a flexible and usable UI for our users without being limited to cartoony sitemaps.

There is a webview widget that you can load your own page into. You can use CSS to do stuff to widgets too, which isn’t super well documented.

But if you want low level control HABPanel might be a better choice.