Questions about Raumfeld and openHAB integration

Currently I’m using some Sonos products which works really well. But since I read about issues, regarding removed features after an update, I’m a little bit worried If I should invest more money into Sonos or if I should look for an alternative. Especially if Sonos is really putting everything to the cloud or forces one to do this.

One alternative I’ve found so far are the Teufel Raumfeld products. I’m using some Teufel speakers for some years now and I’m still happy with them, so I thought about giving their multiroom product a try.
But I have some question which I hope some of the Raumfeld users can answer me.

Am I’m correct that the Raumfeld speakers can be controled by openHab via the Raumserver and HTTP binding or since there is an Chromecast binding and Raumfeld is supporting Chromecast, can this be used?

I will describe what I’m currently doing with my Sonos speakers and what I would expect to do (similar) with Raumfeld devices.

Currently I’m running a self-programmed angular cli app to control things in my house (via openHAB). I have a music panel to show all Sonos playlists or radio stations with album covers and to control them (play, pause, shuffle, …). I also get feedback from the Sonos binding for the currently playing stream and I’m displaying the sent album arts as well.
So what I would expect now is to have also the possibility to create playlists for the Raumfeld devices and to define album covers. I want that the currently playing song is displayed (incl. title and album art) and that I can control volume, track, shuffle functions …

The http binding for Raumfeld as described in some posts here is a good start but seems to be a little bit clumsy as well, so I would prefer a way like the Sonos binding.

I had a look at the Chromecast binding and it looks like it could do this. But I haven’t found any post about someone doing it this way. So is there someone using it or can give me further information about the Raumfeld products/integration. Thanks.

I have the same question about Raumfeld and Chromecast.
Do I need the Raumserver or does it now work with Chromecast Binding?

Unfortunately I haven’t got any other feedback and didn’t had the time to investigate myself.

OK I will try it and report back.

With Chromecast you can see and change the volume BUT you can’t stop the stream if you listen to a TuneIn Radio station.
If you cast something the stop and next/back keys are of course working.

But my idention was to stop stream/power off Teufel if I leave the house and this is sadly not possible with the Chromecast extension if you don’t cast something to it.

I like to bring this topic up again…

Does anyone have Raumfeld running with Openhab 3 these days?
What is the setup you have?
I like to connect my Raumfeld system to OH3 going forward.


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Great let’s see.if something has changed in the meantime.

I actually have raumserver running my OH3 system for some months now. Works fine.
I am considering to move my system to docker. For raumserver, I did not find a docker image for raspberry (ARM). Can anybody help?