Questions about troubleshooting Z-Wave networks

So I just acquired a Z-Wave Toolbox to see if I could fix a problem I’ve been having where a scene controller works fine the first time you push it, but then if you don’t give it 30 seconds or a minute to rest, it either takes a long time to notice ad react to the second press or just looses it all together. In the process I’ve come across what seem to be unexpected behaviors.
So the Toolbox is pretty basic, but it does allow you to sniff all activity on the network and see who sent it, how it traveled and where it was going along with the type of packet if it knows it. There are a few other features I don’t see the point of yet, but the packet trace feature let me see some of the issues.
Some paths seemed to want to travel via removed devices, so I healed all the devices that tried to connect to a missing device. That helped. Then I started healing all the devices in every path that was 3 4 hops or longer. In that case I was including the sender and receiver in the count. That helped quite a bit but in the process I came across an interesting behavior:
While going through this I would ocasionally get a device to communicate directly with the Master, node 1, and then sometime later while healing something else it would suddenly change to needing 3 or 4 hops.
I also noticed that the first time I press the button, I can see a completely sensible series of commands that causes the lamp it controls to turn ON or OFF using this:
rule “<Robyn #5 Tall Lamp>”
Item TwoButtonSwitch2 received update 1.0 or
Item TwoButtonSwitch2 received update 1.1
RobynOfficeIkeaLamp.sendCommand(if (RobynOfficeIkeaLamp.state == ON) “OFF” else “ON”)

But then a few seconds later I’d get a flurry of messages that seemed to have no effect other than to clutter the bus with noise, which is what I’m guessing is what’s causing the problem.
So, I was wondering if there is something magic about sending a Scene command that expects or requires a response from something?
I’m happy to post the logs if anyone is interested and I can get them out of the toolbox in a reasonable format.

what toolbox do you refer to ? HW, SW ?

Sorry, I guess I should have put a link in:


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