Questions on OH3

Hi all,

Thanks you all fore release, it’s really fantastic. Just migrated yesterday. I had some issues but in general migration was easier than i expected =) Almost everything works out of box - i just copied my rules, items, etc. I just finished my new codegenerator for OH (it generates huge boilerplate of my zigbee devices with names, channels, props, riles, etc), also works well.


  1. Pages management: i was really disappoint that “views” and “pages” are not managed by files anymore. I am using git for sharing and together with my IDE, using browser for code editing is a really mess. Are there any plans to provide some less or more working way to manage and share your dashboards using git? (by “working way” i mean auto-reload of some files, like pages/*.yml and adding them as read-only items, adding json-db to git and convertation from jsondb <-> yaml looks as real workaround for me)

  2. Openhab cloud works as before - only with sitemaps?

Thank you in advance and for release!


+1 for configuration of pages via files.

Wouldn’t that be easy to place each Page in a single json-File rather than have one big json-File for all of them? So we could mount our pages files from Version Control into openhab3.

i am really requesting this too :+1: