Quick question: Blind visualization on card

Hi, what is the meaning of the red circled blind?
It appears when all blinds of one room are opened.


Is this what it is supposed to mean or shall it actually only appear once a blind was completely closed?


When the blinds are open, they should report 0 as state, when they are closed, they should report 100.
Is that true for your configuration?
If, not, please try to change to that behavior.

My system is set up like that.

I use the Shelly - Bindings | openHAB. So far the blinds are defined as Rollershutter which according to the documentation of the binding can be open (0%), stop, or close (100%); could also handle ON (open) and OFF (close).



The blind in the room “WC” is open, the item reports “0” and yet we see the icon on the tab. Weird…

That’s strange.

I tried to reproduce it, but I don’t get the icon at all (added the equipment to the location, enabled badge for open Blinds, enabled badges (and disabled them, just in case…) no icon…

(I’m still on openHAB2.5.12 for my productive system, openHAB3.4 is not ready yet)

Hi Oliver
have a look at this. It might help you here:

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Thanks Tuny. That did the trick!