Quick question from a new user

1, i am thinking of using a Raspberry PI zero with a dht22 sensor connected to gpio with a relay connected again to gpio pins for controlling central heating directly an a sonoff basic connected to a dehumidifier light will be conected to sonoff basic it switch wires connected to the module gpio for redundancy would this configuration work ?
2, I also i work a 4 week shift pattern can the heating/ dehumidifier be programmed around this ?

i was looking at just doing heating with the PI but i like the interface that openhab provides and should be quicker than directly programming python using flask and if i can use with dehumidifier that should work better i had started a scripty that would read a CSV file looking at the week number day and time to set the temp for the output can something similar br done or is there a better solution to this ?

Many Thanks Stuart

Yes, but on what hardware will you be running openHAB?

Yes, anything is possible. You can use a googlecalendar to schedule events

Hi Vincent
hardware running on the same PI trying to keep thing simple was hopping to run everything in one place

So you will need to install openHABian in the pi zero. You’ll need to install Mosquitto for your MQTT broker to command the sonoffs.
The thing is, I don’t know if the pizero can handle all that. Maybe, probably actually. Have go.
Let us know how you get along, please

have a lot of reading to do have the PI zero running in demo atm if the zero wont run it will try a PI3B hope the zero works for the small form factor