R-N500 Net radio setup

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to setup a Yamaha R-N500 as a first case of OpenHAB usage. My main goal is to make Net radio work. Namely I want the receiver to select Net radio > Switch to “My added stations” > Select first added station. As a goal I’d like to reproduce net radio functionality from Yamaha app.

I’ve managed to get switching to NET RADIO working, but that’s about it.

That’s my .items file:

Switch      Yamaha_Power           "Power [%s]"                <switch>
Dimmer      Yamaha_Volume          "Volume [%.1f %%]"          <soundvolume>
Switch      Yamaha_Mute            "Mute [%s]"                 <soundvolume_mute>
String      Yamaha_Input           "Input [%s]"                <video>
String      Yamaha_Surround        "Surround [%s]"             <video>
String      Yamaha_Scene           "Scene []"                  <video>
Number      Yamaha_Dialogue_Level  "Dialogue Level [%d]"       <soundvolume>
Number      Yamaha_Preset          "Preset"                    <receiver>
String      Yamaha_Playback        "Playback control"          <receiver>

And this is my sitemap:

 	Switch item=Yamaha_Power label="Turn receiver On/Off"
	Selection	item=Yamaha_Input	
	Slider	item=Yamaha_Volume	label="Volume"
	Frame label="Playback" visibility=[Yamaha_Input=="NET RADIO"] {
                Switch		item=Yamaha_Playback	mappings=["Play"="►", "Stop"="⏹"]
                Selection	item=Yamaha_Preset	mappings=[101="TangoDJ"]

I see similar questions were asked fairly often a couple of years ago, but I still can’t see a definitive config in help files. Did anyone manage to get Net radio working properly?