Radiator valves for openHab

Can anyone suggest radiator valves suitable for operating with openHab, I am UK based.


There’s a few options out there, but which one works for you depends on:

  • What thermostat do you currently have?
  • So you have any RF systems? (Fibaro, etc?)
  • Are you open to DIY solutions?

I’ve recently bought the Drayton Wiser kit and working on integrating it with OpenHAB. Hive may already work with OH but costs a bit more. Honeywell EvoHome is another good solution which may have a binding, but is the most expensive option

I’ve seen a number of Zwave ones as well. I don’t have any personal experience of them, but given that they are ZWave, would expect them to be easily integrated into openHAB, e.g. http://www.vesternet.com/smart-home/technologies/z-wave/heating-cooling/radiator-valves

I currently have the standard hive, and I have just installed openhab2 with about 10 different sonoff devices, including the Sonoff Basic and the Sonoff Touch, basically turning lights and TV’s on and off.

i would like something that would work with Sonoff-Tasmota so ideally it would be a hackable one. I don’t particularly want one that has to have a separate app, but would like to turn them on an off with Amazon Alexa

I think you can go for multi-zone with Hive, but you’ll need your radiators to be on separate systems.

You could talk to some TRVs (mains powered electrothermic head) plugged into a Sonoff, but you’d need to be able to call for heat on demand and shut off the heat to the rooms that don’t need it individually.

This probably means
a) Overrulling what Hive wants to do with your own logic
b) Hoping you can get Hive to call or heat on demand through the OH Binding
c) Installing a Sonoff and TRV on every radiator in the house.

I’m not sure it would be a robust solution, so replacing Hive may be the best option.

I don’t particularly want to go for hive multi room. The idea would have been to have valves on every radiator turn hive on then set each radiator by floor groups ground 1st and 2nd and individual people in the house can control their own as well.

I wonder if there are any suggestions regarding a better alternative to hive.