RadioThermostat CT-80 / Humidity and Zwave

Once again I’m back looking to get the Humidity parameter for my RadioThermostat CT-80 working in Openhab. I’ve recently updated to current Openhab 3.x from and older 2.x install.

As previously discussed, the thermostat works well with Zwave except for the humidity parameter. There are notes in the Z-Wave Thing discussing the need for Association Set to be created using encapsulation and some such. I’m really not sure how to achieve this.

It would be great to finally have this device fully operational.

Association groups allow the device to send unsolicited reports to the controller, or other devices in the network. Using association groups can allow you to eliminate polling, providing instant feedback of a device state change without unnecessary network traffic.

The CT80 supports 1 association group.

Group 1: Group 1

This device support one association group, and up to two nodes in that group. If at least one node is added to association group one (1), the thermostat will send the following association reports when the respective state has changed:

• Thermostat Mode Report

• Thermostat Operating State Report

• Fan Mode Report

• Fan State Report

• Setpoint Report (for all supported setpoints)

• Sensor Multilevel Report (if enabled by Configuration Command Class)

The association command class can be configured to send encapsulated reports via the Multi Instance Command Class or the Multi Channel Command Class. If the association configuration commands are sent inside encapsulated commands, the thermostat will respond with encapsulated reports of the same type (Multi Instance v1 or Multi Channel v3). Encapsulation is the only way to configure the thermostat to send humidity sensor multilevel association reports.

For example, if an Association Set is encapsulated in a Multi Channel Command Encapsulation command is sent to the humidity instance (2), then the thermostat will encapsulate all un-solicited humidity sensor multilevel reports in the Multi Channel Command Encapsulation Command. The default instance is the temperature instance (1). If the Association Set is sent un-encapsulated then the thermostat will send all un-solicited temperature sensor multilevel reports unencapsulated.

All association reports other than the humidity multilevel are in the default instance (1). The thermostat will encapsulate the association reports based on the last Association Set encapsulation type received (i.e. un-encapsulated, Multi Instance v1, or Multi Channel V3).

Association group 1 supports 2 nodes.

I do not know if the CT-80 has the same humidity issue (non-compliant method) as the CT-101 (I have two of these). However, I do have the humidity reporting in a custom compiled Zwave binding using the changes to the ZwaveNode class in this pull request by marcusb. You can try that.

Edit: with your device numbers ! Thanks @marcusb

That patch checks for the device ID for the CT-101, so it would have to be updated. Let me know if it works out.

I’m not really sure how to make use of this. I’m not really in a position to patch/rebuild. Hopefully this will eventually make it into a release.