Rasp pi 4 lost connection

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Rasp pi 4
  • OS: openhabian 2.5.1

After 2 years of running PI 4 with no issues - suddenly it lost connection to the router :frowning:
The power in on, the link of the network is blinking but there is not ping to the static IP I setup since 2 years ago.
I connected the PI to HDMI and in the screen I logged in to openHabian
In ifconfig -a I get:

I canโ€™t see any IP address in here :frowning:
What could be wrong?
I have no clue what can I do - maybe the network adapter is broken?
I would be grateful if someone can assist.

Thanks in advance

Have you rebooted the machine? Are you using wireless or wired networking?

Ultimately this is a Raspbian issue and not something that we are likely to help you solve here. You should look on and perhaps as on an RPi forum.

Yes I rebooted the device.
It is wired connection.
OK I will ask in PI forum.