Raspbee zigbee module from Dresden Elektronik

Thanks a lot!

I really appreciate and look forward to control my Tradfri with a Raspberry Pi 3 & Respbee zigbee unit.

Cu, Seb

Me too!!!


I bought one too and look forward to its support.


Hi Chris,

is there anything which can be already tested for the RaspBee module ? 'happy to help and test things out. Is it possible to have a look at the current work ?

thanks …
… roland

The ConBee driver is basically working, but I had some reliability issues so haven’t merged it into the binding. If you want to have a look at it, it would be great - I’m already spending a lot of time on the Ember and Telegesis sticks so if you can take a look at the ConBee driver it would be great.

The driver is here (https://github.com/zsmartsystems/com.zsmartsystems.zigbee https://github.com/zsmartsystems/com.zsmartsystems.zigbee) if you want to work on it.

Cool, thanks :wink: Let me try to tinker a bit with it. For the background: I’m an OpenHAB newbie but have a strong Java and open source background and some experiences in writing drivers.

Do you have a protocol specifications for the access protocol to ConBee / RaspBee ?

Let’s continue on github …

Yes - but let me check with Dresden to see if I can pass them to you first…

Hi Chris,

thank you for your great contribution. I plan to read out some xiaomi aqara temperature sensors and control our heating with that. I am fairly new to openhab and the raspberry itself. I hope my questions are not too dumb.Of course i tried to find answers to my questions on google etc., but that was unsuccessful.
I do have a Raspbee installed and already working on openhabian. In deconz, I was able to connect a sensor and read data.
From what I understood here, with your driver, it will be possible to get the data into openhab. Where I struggle is the installation of the driver. Is there a guide or tutorial that discribes the way to go?
My questions are:
Is there maybe a compiled version of the driver available?
How can I install it on the raspberry? Place the compiled version simply in the addons folder?


How do i install that?

Sorry - what do you mean? Install what? IF you mean the driver, then as I said, it’s not included in the binding as it requires more work.

Okay, so at the moment its not possible to include the ConBee in openHab?

No - it’s not currently implemented in the binding as the driver requires some work before I would consider it stable enough.

Hi Chris,

thank you for the update. Looking forward to use it. If you need someone to test it, let me know.

If you have phillips hue, I think you can connect the zigbee unit to the brigde and use it though the hue binding, but im not sure.

@chris What is the current status for ConBee in OpenHAB?

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The same as I wrote a few posts above -:

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Thanks for the update. I don’t have knowledge or time to prioritize looking at the driver unfortunately. I’m quite new to OpenHAB and am still trying to get my basic setup up and running.


Sorry found another thread mentioning some of my stuff so I will rework it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch xD

Any news on this and @chris driver? Can this work with OpenHAB? Or which hardware would you recommend?

Not really - it’s not something that I am working on.

Please take a look at the following answer to a similar question a few days ago -:

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