Raspberry 3 is coming with integrated BTLE and Wifi


Yeah I just saw the announcement… I don’t need it but I want one :grinning:

Yeah, me too. So happy to get bluetooth running with OH.

In some of the interviews about it I heard them talk about the “wealth” of BLE sensors out there for home automation, now maybe my google skills are failing me, but aside from home-brew kits and selfie-sticks there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there compared to more mature standards.

Am I missing something? Where should I be looking?

Thanks! Just ordered one … :heart_eyes:

Yeah all I know about is the little key fob sensors so you don’t lose your keys… Presence detection maybe? But there aren’t a lot of BLE sensors I know about…

I’ve learned that most BLE devices have very short range (haha, because it needs to save energy, right) and therefore not very useful for home authomation. I am currently playing with BGM111 to see if it can be used a long-range sensor