Raspberry and Tradfri

I have switched a good working WIndows 10 Openhab2 to the raspberry.
Had some crashes with transfering the boot from SD to USB…now running on SD.
I use a tradfri gateway,zWave and a Zigbee usb stick.
Some tradfri on/off plugs are recognized. However not one tradfri lamp. Reset it 6 times on off and using remote from ikea. Remote ikea works but things are not detected. I can only see old lamps which are all offline. Did re-install the Tradfri binding but same old offline lamps keep popping up. Not any new one.

How to get those lamps in the inbox again ?

I did a reset of trafri. Linked the remote again. resetted all tradfri (6x on/off). remote linked and slowly all lamps comes alive.