Raspberry Creations ["Trash Talk"]

Any kind of Raspberry projects are welcome here.
Whether your own or from the Internet, everything is welcome.

I’m starting:

OpenCat Demo
A robot cat built with the help of Raspi
Youtube Video:

What is the reason to post this to an hausautomation forum?
Does it have anything to do with openHAB?

Its Off-Topic?

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Looks like :grinning:
Create some openHAB things and items and let the cat move and talk through openHAB and you are good to go. :metal:




Maybe this year… but really, i created this thread extra for raspi trash talks ^^… It’s about Off-Topic so i think it is a good idea to talk about it…

Some “bring me coffee” items for the robot cat… controlled by openHAB Bot :smiley:


As it seems to be Alexa compatible install the necessary components (Hue Emulation or openHAB cloud and Alexa Skill) and post your config :innocent::grinning:

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As long as it’s not an fully automated coffee and espresso machine, I’m sorry but I won’t be interested lol hehe

And what about this Mirror?


its a good idea for some openHAB light integration… :smiley:

How about real animals?

Me and the better half are about to get reptiles. Seen as you can never be over the top… https://github.com/theyosh/TerrariumPI

I’ll be trying to use its API to pull information into openHAB and also as a watchdog to see it anything goes out of spec.

can we not have a little fun here once in awhile? between heated discussions about hardware platforms and such???
love the cat! no litter box required!

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Wow this is a great idea !!!

Can you show us when it’s done? Sounds very interesting