Raspberry Java error occurred during initialization

Hello to all, I need help before to install openHAB on my pi.
When I send the command java -version I get the following error.
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Server VM is only supported on ARMv7+ VFP

What should I do ?

It seems the last Raspian is using Oracle 11 and I would like to uninstall it and pass to zulu

Is it worth ?

If you are just getting started you will almost certainly get up and running more quickly with a known working configuration if you start with openHABian. You will want to uninstall Oracle’s Java and install Zulu Java. Note that OH 2.5 requires Java 8 and OH 3 requires Java 11.

Thanks for the feedback.
The poin here is that I use the PI also for other things at home and openHABian is not compatible with all myy needs.
I now have Java 11 and may be I can installa Zulu 8 and switch to that leaving 11 installed by when I will switch to OH 3 (now OH 2.5).

openHABian is just some scripts that set up stock Raspbian. Any things that are incompatible with you needs will also be incompatible with your needs after installing openHAB using apt and configuring it.

Well, at the end I managed to solve the problem with the stock Raspian.
I installed openHab via apt get way and this automatically install the zulu 8.
I switched the java to this latter andchanged the Home accordingly.

Now openHab is well working on my pi without the need to reinstall everything from scratch :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.