Raspberry pi 3 gpio too sensitive

I installed openhabian to my rasppi3. I install also gpio binding. i saw that openhab added as user on gpio group.
I cant setup a simple button on pin in rasp because are too sensitive. Even when my finger in close to the wire on the pin, is triggered. i tried external and internal resistors .
Help please(soory for my English)

Contact btn1 “OFF[%]” {gpio=“pin:17 activelow:yes initialValue:high”}

For 1 day it was working properly. then this happen . i don’t know why. Same configuration?

Can you post the lay-out please.

You should use a pullup resistor 3k3 or 4k7 and the switch to ground.
An open pin is always very sensitive.
In addition for a simple switch it makes sense to have some debouncing (50…200ms) in software.
Alternative you can put a small capacitor across the switch (22…100nF)

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@HolgerL thnx … works fine with 3k3