Raspberry Pi 3 swapping question

Hi folks here is my question.

I’m currently running the latest version of OpenHab on a Raspberry Pi 2, I want to upgrade to Raspberry Pi 3 B+, do I have to flash and re-install everything or can I just pop in the flash card into my new Pi?


First thing you have to do, is to make sure your Rpi3B is running the latest update/upgrade. Otherweise Rpi3B+ wont boot.

Yesterday I tried swap from my Rpi3B to my new Rpi3B+, but even though I did the udate/upgrade of the kernel, I could not get the new Rpi3B+ to boot my SSD.
I didn´t try more than once, cause I read somewhere that the Rpi3B+ is more sentsitive to the power then all previous Rpi´s. And I was using an un-original power adaptor, which may have been the reason.

I will try again some day with the original power adaptor.

So to make sure I’d better copy my SSD onto another card for safety.

Thanks for the cue!

Always a good idea :slight_smile:


Backup before trying something like this is always a good idea.

For me it worked to switch the SD card from my old pi2 to the new pi3 B without any issues. OS was the latest openHABian version.