Raspberry Pi 4 released

The problem of Odroid was the missing standard kernel.
But as far as I know, now the standard kernel is sufficient to run an Odroid.

I have no idea… I had @MDAR to install it on my Odroid :slight_smile:

I’ve had an XU4 running for over 3 years without any (major) issues and the C2 has been up and running for over 12 months.

I’ve sold a good number of them with Velbus hardware over the last year.

So far, no complaints for anyone. :smile:

Is it possible to switch the Data to Extern? Actually i use a pi 3b+ with SD card and SSD. I use the openhabian Menu to switch the location to SSD. if i’m correct iformed, then boots the system from sd and switch to the external ssd if its alive. is this possible with the raspberry 4 too?

I saw some workaround to get boot from USB for Raspberry PI 4. It is not implemented yet.
Unfortunately I will get mine Pi4 in a few days so I have not tested yet.

you can make rpi3 3+ and 4 to boot from usb directly, so i guess ssd connected to the usb should work as boot as well

Mind sharing that?
The 3 and 3+ can but 4 cannot (yet). Have you seen something to the contrary? I’m keen to try

i though its hw feature which you can enable by setting up that bit
either they did not updated that article or its not there (which kind of does not make much sense)

but anyway you can always edit your sd card cmdline.txt to mount root filesystem from whenever location you like, as its possible from rpi1 :slight_smile:

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Yup, 4 not included yet due to how it boots. For now it’s sd only and, as you say, mount everything else.

Can I remove the SD card if I use the Root to USB function? no, I will boot from sd and switch to usb after booting, right? this function supports the rp4 now already or? direct bott from usb isnt implemented yet, i know :slight_smile:

that should enough for me. that’s how the SD card lasts forever. why should she break it at all?

mounting root somewhere else is doable on rpi4 indeed
just follow same guide as for rpi2.

will this be a thing in the future? I’d love it

Yes, they are working on it.
First to be delivered would be PXE boot (think cluster of PXE-boot servers :drooling_face:) and then USB3 boot.

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See here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/booteeprom.md

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I went with oracle arm32 java 8.

  1. Download it from oracle (you need to create an account).
  2. Extract it
  3. Copy it to somewhere
  4. Set up relevant paths (I went with a profile in /etc/profile.d/

What does it have to do with a Pi4?
We recommend Zulu ARM32 instead of Oracle.

Some of the discussion was about problems installing java on the rpi 4.
My impression was that ARM Zulu Java8 is no longer maintained? It’s pretty simple to install
oracle java 8, so just highlighted that that is a good option as well.
Any particular reason to choose Zulu over Oracle? According to this: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/
The only drawback is the licensing. According to raspberrypi.org, the oracle version is the fastest of the ones listed there (Zulu is not there, guess the post is quite old)

Regards S

I have one 4GB version up-and-running now. I am interested in tweaking openhab to use the abundance :slight_smile: of memory.

I’m running openhab with 2G xmx parameter, also a good idea to increase number of rule engine threads.

Regards s

I need a little help
I have install openhab 2.5M1 like the “Crispin” steps and openhab runs.
Homematic works, but i have trouble with my z-wave USB-Dongle UZB. It hangs on port dev/ttyACM0 and i write it in the configuration-Side in Paper-UI, but it is still “offline - communication-error”.
What can i do?