Raspberry Pi Backup and Restore

It took me 45min for the restore and nearly the same time for the backup before. I do the image with Win32DiskImager and it does a complete copy for each byte on the SD card so it becomes 32GB. Are there any better soultion for doing backups, which does only include used space or do some kind of compression?

Incremental backups using rsync via:


Also see https://github.com/billw2/rpi-clone

Is there a option to see which services are running and have to be stopped before a backup should be done. I used top and htop but these tools just let me see which processes are running. I know to stop openhab and influxdb would be necessary but how i can guarantee i will not miss another one?

service --status-all does not show me the systemd services so for example influxdb is missing.
systemctl brings me a list with more than 100 services, i dont think i have to stop all of them.

How i can figure out which of those have to stoped?

Actually I don’t stop any services during raspiBackup and during restoring (I had to do it twice) I had no problems.
The only thing you will loose are some logs or some influxdb values …

Well there’s all sorts of possibilities, and this is likely to become a lengthy question-answer dialog for something that’s already covered a thousand times in various UNIX online ressources, so please look there. This is on openHAB.

Effectively, backing up will work with InfluxDB running, so simply save our time.
Better spend an hour a month to verify your backup truely can be restored.
Eventually, you can add another Influx backup, see https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.2/administration/backup_and_restore