Raspberry Pi Hangs suggestion to debug

Hi All,
I am using Raspberry Pi 3 B with Openhab 2.3 . Influx and Grafana are on the same Pi.
Typically after every few hours system hangs . Only option is it to hard reset the power to re start .
I started monitoring Openhab Logs but no luck to note issue . All looks fine.
I did Update , Upgrade , Dist Update , update using -openhabin-config but same behaviour continue.
syslog approximately @ Hang time in not showing any error

Suggest me how to debug and find out issue

  1. Get a good power supply (not some spare smartphone or tablet power supply lying around), at least 2,5 Amps.
  2. Make sure your sd card is still good and not weared out.

Hi Sihui,
I am using class 10 32 GB SD card with 28 % disk utilisation & 2.1 amp power supply .
Problem started in last 3 days . prior to that for almost 6 months it was working good .
I removed my mosquitto broker and reinstalled the same using openhabin-config tool.

Take a spare sd card and put a (working!) backup on that card and see what happens.