Raspberry Pi image Install broke?

Ive been using OpenHab for the last 2 years and was looking to build up a second one for a parents home. Previously I must have done a manual install following the Linux instructions. This time I thought I would try using the all ready to go Raspberry Pi image on a 32GB SD Card.


3 attempts later and do you think I can get it to install on my Pi? It has Internet connection and comes back complaining about the file system and Journal cannot be extended. There are a few other error messages to. It also keeps rebooting after 5 minutes once it gets to the command prompt. The card was formatted again using Disk Utility back to FAT and then reimaged using the latest Raspberry Pi OpenHab image. Again no luck. I thought this image was all ready to go out of the box and its promoted as a very easy way to get OpenHab up and running!! I think its time to go back to the manual installation method.

Did you download the image 3 times?

Maybe try a smaller SD card then you can use the backup feature that needs a bigger SD card

Welcome N_T :slight_smile:

Did you encounter the issues before enlarging the filesystem to use the full capacity of the SD card or afterwards?