Raspberry Pi RC Switch Binding

The documentation mentions a Raspberry Pi RC Switch Binding. Unfortunately, I cannot find this binding under Add Ons -> Bindings in the Paper UI. Is this binding no longer supported? Or is there another way to install the binding?

I suspect that this is a brand new binding that is only available in a recent 2.2 SNAPSHOT version of OH.

No, it is in the openhab1-addons repository!

Really…then how did it get listed in the docs but is not available in PaperUI? Something messed up somewhere.

Though, just because it is in the openhab1-addons repo doesn’t mean it can’t be new. Nope, looks like it is at least two years old. Hmmmm

OK. Now I see that it is marked with the “Manual Install” tag. It hasn’t been tested to be compatible with OH 2 yet. There is a really good chance it will work no problem but no one has tried yet.

@dwolt, at the top of the bidings page there is an entry called “Install | Manual”. Read that section and follow the links published there. It includes a link to where you can download the binding and how to activate the compatibility layer and install the binding. When/if you get it working come back here and let us know if it works. If works, tag kai in your message telling everyone that it works. It will then get activated for install through PaperUI.

There was a discussion on the RCSwitch library a few months back and some security concerns were raised as the library required root access (sadly I can’t find that thread now). I’m not sure whether this binding uses that library but I assume so.

To get around the security concerns I’ve coded an ESP8266 on MQTT to send the signal over 433Mhz instead.