Raspberry Pi RPI Problems Survey

The purpose of this topic is to address RPI power supply issues and possibly enhance the current documentation. The goal is to avoid people becoming frustrated and “giving up” during the installation process, but also to acknowledge that those maintaining the documentation have a big job and we want to prevent adding an unnecessary additional PR where possible. To justify this action, I ask that you please take this survey.

Over the past few months I’ve read several posts regarding RPI issues, most involving the install of openhabian and a few about strange behaviors with OH. The solution for installing OH, from what I’ve read, normally involves using a quality 5v 2.5A power supply. Note: other strange issues have also been solved by this as well.

Currently, the documentation recommends using a steady power supply as seen here. My goal is submitting a PR to add a line similar to using a quality 5v 2.5A power supply may be required.

As an RPI user, if you have encountered installation issues that were related to an insufficient power supply, please choose “Solved my issue”.

If you made a suggestion to change the power supply, and it was a successful remedy, please choose “Advised the solution”

For other RPI issues not involving installation, but a new power supply resulted in a solution, please select “Resolved other issue”. (Effectively, if the first two options do not apply, choose this one.)

  • Solved my issue
  • Advised the solution
  • Resolved other issue

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Additionally, if you requested help and provided a log in your post, please consider providing a link to your post so that others can see your logs and compare against their own. Feel free to add suggestions or comments on the wording to be included in the proposed PR request, and they will be considered if at all possible.



Hi @H102

I’d amend the proposed wording to use a quality 5v 2.5A power supply. I’ve used the Canakit power supply and the official Raspberry PI power supplies on my Pis, and I haven’t had any problems. Do you think there’s value in pointing out a few reputable power supplies?


Same here, no issues with either.

I was planning to see how the survey goes then possibly do another for power supplies used. I’ve only used the two power supplies you mentioned above, I’ll need to do some research for others. If there’s enough support for a short list I may add this to the PR as well.