Raspberry PI unreachable

Hi guys,

i have installed openhab on debian

it happens several times.

Openhab was down because the raspberry was down.

No ping and even logged to a screen => no signal

after the manual reboot, it’s working without any issues

How could i debug a such issue?

Did you have similar issues before installing openhab?
If it is caused by openhab start by looking at the logfiles… (in $OPENHAB_LOGS)

Check if power supply is enough for your pi and USB devices. 2.5 Ampere is recommended. If you got nothing on USB, then 1 Amp should work.
Sometimes a USB device tries to draw more than 0.5A , for instance a 4G network modem, in that case you need to supply power to that usb peripheral using a separate adapter. Connect the RED wire from adapter to usb device’s RED wire, keep GREEN and WHITE connected to rasppi. All BLACK wires should be combined. Keep RED wire coming out of rasppi usb cable, unconnected.

could make sense . i have a z-wave stick.

i will buy a 2.5 amp.

do you know is there an event logger on debian?

OH has logs in /var/log/openhab2/ : audit, event and main log.
If you want Linux logs, journalctl and dmesg are the tools, by default they report current boot logs. You can search on internet how to to show previous boot logs, since you are investigating a crash.

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