Raspberry & UPS

It is a bit off-topic and wired, but I know, many of you have a strong IT background and might could help.

If I connect my Raspberry with Openhabian to an USP (APC), it does not run smoothly (i.e. the CUL for homegear is no longer detected, which is connected via USB).
If revert back to normal power from a socket w/o UPS, I don’t have any issues.

I have also a CC2531 (zigbee) and SSD connected at the USB ports.

I know from issues with power supplier not delivering enough power, but this power supply works fine since month.

If you have an idea, it would be appreciated.

Does your UPS have a minimum power cutoff? If the rPi is the only thing attached, it may not be drawing enough power?

I use a usb power bank as a UPS as long as it can charge wile supplying power it will work.

It will also filter out the harmonics you get through ups.

It is also a Synology disk station connected and a switch. I don’t think, that the power consumption is not enough.

I am not an expert, just thoughts out loud. If the UPS is connected to the synology, and the synology is configured to turn off the raspberry.

You do not specify which kind of APC UPS you are using. I have a raspberry pi v3 with a DAC hat with the original power supply connected to an APC BE550G UPS and I do not experience any trouble. When I used a different power supply (an USB charger rated 2A of an old phone) I was experiencing from time to time weird problems.

You maybe interested in monitoring if there are some undervolt events occurring
by using the vcgencmd command.

I use a APC BX700U.

I will try to exchange the power supplier, as it seems for me the most logical root cause.

IIRC the red LED on the RPi off (or to flicker) means undervoltage.
You’ll also see syslog message if it’s massive.

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