Raspberrypi 3 b+ openhabian instalation

Im new and im trying to install openhabian on a rasberrypi 3 b+.

I followed the instructions and flash my SD card with the latest openhabian image. Then i connect my raspberrypi to the internet with the ethernet cable and then inserted the SD card and turn it on.

It started to blink a green led, and the green led was kind of active for about 5 minutes, after that I have never seen the green led turnin on again. I have been here waiting and has passed more than 50 minutes and I cant resolve http://openhabianpi:8080/ neither with the IP address of the raspberrypi.

I checked my router connected client list and it appears openHABianPi so its connected.

It this a normal behavior or the green led should be active and blink all the time? Maybe is a normal behavioor and is being installed.

** UPDATE **

I just access openhabian using Putty and in the terminal I saw this:

Updating repositories and upgrading installed packages… FAILED

Appreciate any feedback.


When I have had problems like this, I just reflash the SD card and try again.

@alexvazquez you need to issue sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade after logging in in putty

Then do a reboot and it should finish and be fine.

There is a delay being added to the openhabian setup file to resolve this issue. The bug is being worked on github.

Ping me if you have any issues.

Here is the github issue filed. My first boot file is attached also if you wanted to try it.

You may want to check the power supply. Similar issues have been resolved by replacing the power supply, RPI works best with 5v 2.5A.