Raspi 2: Move system root to usb-SSD

Which Rpi are you using?
Rpi3b+ can boot directly, without sd card. Rpi3b needs to be configured for booting. Search google.

I have an RPI 3b.
I used the sudo openhabian-config to move to my ssd drive.
Now I am not sure if changing the

echo program_usb_boot_mode=1 | sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt

will be suficcient. It says this action is not reversible.

Furthermore it says:

…copy the Raspbian system to a USB mass storage device by copying the operating system image directly onto your USB device…

I dont know what the sudo openhabian-config has done and what commands it executed.

thanks for Your help

Trigan :slight_smile:

I´m not sure what will happen, when you already have move boot to you sdd from openhabian-config. It isn´t a “real” boot.

But in order to boot without the SD card, you´ll need to add the echo command. And yes, it´s not reversible, as it writes directly to the ROM on the Rpi.

I think (I´m not sure) that moving boot to sdd from openhabin-config is just making a link to the usb drive. Thats why you still need the SD card. The link is on the SD card, I think.

I think you´ll need to reverse the moving, (if it´s possible), and run on plain SD card.
After that, make a image copy (backup) of your SD card, and copy the image file to your SSD. (You´ll still have the SD card as backup if anything goes wrong).

When you have done the echo command, then you should be able to boot from your SSD/USB.

Btw - it shouldn´t harm anything to do the echo command at any time. You can still boot from the SD card or USB if you like as far as I understand.

Others with better linux and openhabian knowledge should comment on this.