RASPI 3b+ and below will not work out of the box with openhab3

I tried to setup openhabian and openhab on a Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2, Bullseye 32bit, and ran into some issues.

The main one was that openJDK 11 comes up with “Server VM is only supported on ARMv7+ VFP”. and will not install nor work properly, since the raspi models 3 and below have ARMv6 CPUs. So openhabian fails on these raspis… I’d say beyond repair.

Tthis should be mentioned in the openhab and openhabian download pages.

I got openhab3 to run with a fresh raspi bullseye 32bit installation, using the Zulu JDK.Which also didnt install from the apt procedure as recommended by Zulu, I had to download and install the according .deb-package manually. At least openhab did - after a long delay - run as expected. A very long delay. And performance was not so bad.

Well, what shall I say. Java at its finest. Also package maintaining. Should use lscpu to detect that the installation makes no sense because the system does not meet the requirements instead of installing and bummer. So just wanted to drop this notice, maybe it helps others to avoid wasted time.

It isn’t clear what you are trying to say. Did you install openHAB on a system running Bullseye OR did you install openhabian on a system ? The later would contain the OS AND openHAB (amongst others) and DOES WORK on a Raspi 3B “out of the box” ( at least for me and according the non-existent reports on this forum for many others).

Well, I first tried to get openhabian running. What failed, because jdk11 is used in the automated openhabian setup procedure. Then I flashed a fresh raspi bullseye, set it up and installed openhab manually, using the zulu jdk.

I doubt that the lack of feedback currently means anything, I guess due to market situation there wont be much fresh installs on raspi3’s. Most if not all users who install a fresh openhabian will do it on a raspi4,

The issue is also reported on Java for ARMv6/7/8 - Pi4J

In the title you claim it wouldn’t work on Raspis <= 3.
That’s plain wrong. RPi 2 and 3 have ARMv7 or v8 and openHABian works with them, there’s many active installations. Only RPi1 and Pi Zeros have ARMv6.
And if you had read the README (like anyone is expected to at the very least before installing anything) you would have known openHABian is unsupported on these.
So like @opus already asked, what are you trying to tell ?

Hmm. Ok, then sorry for the inconvenience for me being unfamiliar with the RPI models.