Raspi 4 rasbian+openhabian

Hi everyone, first off all u have to excuse my bad english.
Im a newbie in openhab.
I would like to run openhabian on raspbian buster with a rpi 4 and a 7 inch display.
Is the rpi 4 good enough to run both or should i work with 2 rpi 4?

A Pi 4 should be powerful enough. Be sure to update to the latest stable version 2.5 that was just released.

Thx for the reply :slight_smile:
should i run the HabPanel on firefox or chromium wich is more stable?

Sorry, I do not (yet?) use HABPanel, just the BasicUI,

i don’t have acces on the browser on raspberrypi:8080

i had a look at my lsof looks a little bit weird

avahi-dae 351 avahi 13u IPv6 12068 0t0 UDP *:5353
avahi-dae 351 avahi 15u IPv6 12070 0t0 UDP *:59878
dhcpcd 633 root 16u IPv6 14260 0t0 UDP *:546
java 637 openhab 50u IPv6 18416 0t0 UDP *:5353
java 637 openhab 51u IPv6 18419 0t0 UDP *:5353
java 637 openhab 54u IPv6 17145 0t0 TCP *:5007 (LISTEN)
java 637 openhab 131u IPv6 17106 0t0 TCP localhost:45663 (LISTEN)
java 637 openhab 151u IPv6 17136 0t0 TCP localhost:8101 (LISTEN)
java 637 openhab 254u IPv6 18396 0t0 TCP *:8443 (LISTEN)
java 637 openhab 260u IPv6 18399 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)
sshd 666 root 4u IPv6 13267 0t0 TCP *:22 (LISTEN)

Did you use the openHABian image to install ?
Asking because it would change the hostname to openhab.

And you don’t run a GUI on that RPi, do you ? That clearly isn’t recommended.

i just delete everything and installed it again. now it seems to work.
i have installed Raspbian buster using Rpi 4 (4Gb) Ram 64 Gb sdxc card (SanDisk Ultra). and installed latest stable openhab on Raspbian.
I want to run it in Kiosk mode with a 7 inch Display (Rpi Display).

Well if you can afford to use a 2nd box I’d not run the GUI on the OH machine since that can significantly impact stability and memory usage of the box OH runs on, i.e. your most critical server around (assuming you do not just “play” with Home Automation).

You could do that with openHABian as well, just install the GUI packages manually afterwards.
It has many advantages over your manual install such as ZRAM.

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Were you expecting a webserver other then openhab on that address? (because if you expected openhab:8080 then do please read the docs again, slowly, before executing setups, saved me a lot of time, on the 2nd try :slight_smile:

Otherwise: openHAB uses 8080 port on the pi is runs on, so it is not available to another (web)service. I also have a 7inch Pi, to be used with openHAB Panel, but that will be a Pi3, and the openHAB server will run on a different Pi(4). As @mstormi also mentioned, openHAB is recommended to run headless (on Pi at least) as it is a fairly big system, or it can be, and will need al the resources it can get. For the 7inch, if it only runs a browser to display/work with the HABPanel, you can surely use a Pi3 for it. Either way, i had some network setup issues myself, so try the: http://ip-address:8080 if http://openhab:8080 doesn’t open.

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thanks for the replies, currently i have access to the habpanel again via the browser.
Will follow your advice and get me a second rpi to seperate the gui and the operating system.
I’m renovating and place a new electrical system, with ethernet in every room. Do you guys have any suggestion what i can add on electrical staff.

Where are you located? Many people like Z-Wave or ZigBee for smart switches, dimmers and/or receptacles.

i have thick walls, is it possible to get the signal through the rooms.
The appartment is 110 qm^2 big.

Both z-wave and Zigbee should work fine depending on how far the hub is from the first device. With z-wave, looking at my hub, it connects to the closest device first and then meshes from there to the other devices. ZigBee operates similarly to my knowledge.

My first hub was located in a closet on my second floor, went through multiple drywall based walls and flooring to connect to my first z-wave switch which was at the front of my house. I believe the base range from hub to z-wave device is 100 feet/30m.

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Thanks for the Reply. The Range should be enough.

Can i include to the second rpi with display for the habpanel razberrymatic? I have one rpi for openHAB 2.5 and another one for the habpanel vizualation with raspbian. I Need razberrymatic as ccu3 for Homematic ip ground radiator and for the Homematic ip Thermostats. Or do i Need a third rpi running razberrymatic?

Should i use usb hub for boot from ssd for the raspberry pi 4 or is the usb power enough for the ssd 256gb pcmi card