RasPi Openhab instance 'crashing' and locking up

Hello all,

My openhab server:

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Kernel = Linux 4.19.118-v7+
Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

has been locking up and is not SSHable, GUIable, red Pi LED is lit, but no flashing green light. Only way of getting back operational is to pull power and re-apply.

I’ve ordered an SSD to flash the backedup image to and boot from in the future, however

/var/log/messages shows the following line every time before no more entries (until reboot)

Jun 8 14:50:21 OpenHABServer kernel: [ 82.225184] warning: `/usr/sbin/arping’ has both setuid-root and effective capabilities. Therefore not raising all capabilities.

Wondering if something is not configured correctly? I have Ethernet plugged in with a static IP and WLAN0 disabled via raspi-config

Any help is appreciated. I feel this may be something fairly simple - yet have no idea myself

Sorry this may be of note - at 00:00:00 I get this log entry,

May 31 13:01:10 openhab kernel: [   86.419907] warning: `/usr/sbin/arping' has both setuid-root and effective capabilities. Therefore not raising all capabilities.

Jun 1 00:00:02 openhab rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.1901.0" x-pid="354" x-info="https://www.rsyslog.com"] rsyslogd was HUPed

I ended up finding this


and ran

find / -type f -a \( -perm -u+s -o -perm -g+s \) -exec ls -l {} \;

noticing that arping was there with

-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 30540 Dec 28  2018 /usr/sbin/arping

And so removed using chmod -s /usr/sbin/arping

I shall report back with whether this has stopped the Pi hanging periodically

Interesting openHAB would flag something like this!! Hopefully it fixes issue.

It ain’t openHAB to do that but the kernel. openhab just happens to be the name of the box.

@adds666 I’d guess this is totally unrelated to your problem.
I’d suggest to install openHABian with ZRAM enabled.

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Thanks, I used openhab-config to turn on Zram - lets see how she performs now.

Trouble being I wont know whether it was the arping issue or Zram!

Mmm, so the system is still locking up. Roughly 26 hours after boot.

What info can I provide to aid in diagnosing?

What sort of system do you run ? If openHABian was installed there would not be any raspi-config.
Or did you reinstall from scratch inbetween ? If so did you use a new SD card ?

It isn’t arping.

I’d watch memory usage. If you have a binding with a memleak that could lead to this.
And I’d enable generic debugging such as org.apache.karaf.

PS: and change the misleading thread title.

There’s been quite a bit of traffic recently about memory issues associated with amazon echo binding.