Raspian + OH2 on Raspi

Is it possible (and how?) to first install Raspian OS on the Raspi and then install OH2 and have both running? I mean, while OH2 is running as a background service, i want to be able to make a remote desktop connection to Raspian (from my mac) and do other stuff on it. Thanks!

Yes, of course it is possible.
Here is how: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#package-repository-installation
Deploy Raspbian, install OH2, do other stuff with your rPi

or even better… try the recommended flavor: openHABian (which combines the first 2 steps into 1) and it is a “perfect” solution ! from @ThomDietrich :slight_smile:

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Hi Angelos,

Thank you so much!

Actually i already have Openhabian installed! But the device does not boot
into the GUI desktop. I guess i need to configure it to first start the
PIXEL desktop? But how? :slight_smile:


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