Rasyberry shortage - Germany and of course other countries

Hey all,

do you although notice a shortage of Raspberrys? For usual I order these in common stores like reichelt or conrad (don’t know if they are known somewhere else in the world) but even older versions are sold out.

Any idea where to get some at moment… for a reasonable price of course :frowning:

I’m looking for a 3b + to be able to easily switch them with current used ones. But would of course although take the raspberry pi 4.

three weeks ago, the 3B+ were almost out of stock, but the 4B were available. But take a llok here (as you seem to be german! :wink: ):

Hi Thomas,

yes that chip shortage is crazy.
Thanks for the link. Didn’t knowed this shop before.

it’s legit and I already ordered a bunch of times from them.

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