Raumfeld Binding available?

I was wondering whether there is a binding available for Raumfeld devices such as the OneS. I thought of features like volume setting, starting one of the favorite channels or powering on or off as basic actions.

Not sure how a binding could be built but I guess with this python library it could be possible: https://github.com/tfeldmann/python-raumfeld ?

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Hi Thomas,

I don’t know if your question is still relevant?
Did you mention this Raumfeld-Binding

Just a hint, even if your post is quite old…


Thanks. I tried this approach but it took teo much resouces and it felt not very really stable & reliable - which is prio 1 for me at home.
This was one of the reasons why I sold my Raumfeld speakers and changed to Amazon Echo…

What’s against Sonos??

A little bit off-topic but: Amazon Echo and Raumfeld are complete different systems. Raumfeld is for multiroom audio playback and Echo is personal voice assistant. Yes, Echo can also play music but only in one room.

Btw. it would be very nice if Amazon Echo could play synchron in multoroom or Raumfeld / Sonos get an Voice Interface like echo.

That is why I was asking for SONOS, instead of Raumfeld…
In my opinion Echo is not compareable to both!

I’m looking for a Multiroom-Soundsystem like SONOS or Raumfeld with a reliable binding to openHAB 1.8

It’s been some time. However I am not interested in Multi-Room. Since the Echo plays music on voice interaction and beside that is able to control my devices over the HueEmulation I am completely happy (for my requirements).