Razberrry / Z-Wave Question


I have been playing with OpenHAB and have a razberry on a pi and it has been working great. My Pi got crushed accidentally and I had to replace it all.

I am now in the position to get my bulbs working again and am in the same boat as others posting where I cannot include them again.

My bulbs have a factory reset option as well as an exclusion option, but they were obviously not excluded prior to my UPS falling on my Pi.

The factory reset option is stated as:
Resetting to Factory Defaults

Parameter #: 255
Default Setting: 1
Parameter Size: 4 Bytes

Resetting the RGB Smart Bulb will exclude it from the Z-Wave Network.
1431655765 = Reset to factory default settings

Does anyone know where I can push this out over the air? I have searched high and low, but am unsure how to accomplish this.



Well, to answer my own question and after a lot of switch flipping, it seems putting the controller in exclusion mode and running the exclusion process on the bulbs clear them up and allow them for re-inclusion.

Sorry for the noise - I should have tried that before posting!