Razberry 2 not working with Raspberry 3

After several month, where my openhab Pi was running smoothly, it crashed this morning and I had to reboot the Pi. After the reboot, the Razberry 2 module for all my z-Wave devices was not working anymore. I logged into the Pi and checked the serial-port config and found that the second Option (Disable Bluetooth module) is not selected. Thus, I selected it and rebooted afterwards using sudo reboot. However, when I tried to connect to the Pi using ssh, I get a message: connection refused. Also the Paper UI was not running. Thus, I took the power cable off and back in. Now, I was able to connect but a check in the serial port config showed me again that the second option is not selected.

I tried it several times, but experienced always the same problems. How can I get my Razberry2 module working? Does this have to do with the “warning” when opening the config that the old ua-netinst based image has a problem?

Thanks for your help