Razberry Zwave & OH3

Howdy, folks.

I’m giving another whack at OH after an absence. Looks like the interface has improved a great deal, but I’m back to having trouble getting the Razberry board configured.

I’ve installed OH3 on a Pi4, configured the system to disable the serial console, relocated BT to UART and installed both the serial and Zwave bridges, but keep getting “ERROR:BRIDGE” showing.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


Please provide details: OS ? (openHABian ?)
What do the zwave logs say on binding startup ? Enable logging on debug level.

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Have you set the right serial port?

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The Z-Wave binding documentations tell you to enable debug logging & how to do it.Unfiltered logs are required for troubleshooting.

Uh, oh.

openhabian@openhabian:~ $ log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave
-bash: log:set: command not found

Indeed. You issued a command for the openHAB console in a Linux shell.

It’s probably a good idea to assume I know nothing about linux. How does the community help a new user who just wants to automate some stuff for his home without having to go through command line boot camp?

You can also run openHAB on Windows or MacOS.
But home automation is hard. So I’d guess we would tell him that there is no simple way to “just automate” his home and that he needs to invest the time that it takes to get up to the required prerequisites and level of computer knowledge first.

You need to issue that command within the karaf console. From openhabian,

openhab-cli console

Password is habopen

Then issue the log:set command you tried previously. Markus is correct though that you should read over the documentation more thoroughly.

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the Z-Wave documentation also links to the console chapter

So yes it’s a bit to read at the beginning.