RCT Power Storage DC & RCT Power Batterie

Is there a binding for RCT components?
Or how to get it running in OH4?

Best regards Julian

Would be good to give a bit more information about the devices, as it might not be known by everybody.
Purpose ?
Technology ?
Network Connectivity?
Protocol ?
Api ?

Dear hmerk,
Sorry for the delayed response.
In the meantime I have received the following information from the manufacturer.

See PDF files attached.

The whole system consists of a RCT Power DC Inverter and a RCT Power Battery.

The inverter can charge the battery directly from the connected PV system or from the AC grid connection.

I would like to monitor the entire system and display all relevant data such as charge, discharge power, SOC, etc.

Of course it would be best if no further connection is necessary except the already existing TCP connection RJ45.

Greetings Julian
RCT_Power_RS485_Communication_20200429_v.1.2.pdf (204.5 KB)

RCT Power Serial Communication Protocol v1.14 (2).pdf (930.1 KB)