Re-purposing an elevator panel

Hi all, i came across several old elevator panels. one is a full panel with multiple floors. A couple of others were like make for just two floor elevator. but thought is might be cool to re-purpose them and figure out how to make the buttons control things around the house, ie, all the cool openhab stuff. thought about burying a raspberry pi in it to do something. or whatever. not really getting a great thought process on it so i thought i would post here and see what you sharp minds might have to say. i know there would be work in it and you would strip out the old stuff. but just thought it would be a cool project.


That sounds cool.Could you post some pictures of the panels?

Hi Oliver, i have not bought it yet. thought i would see if this was feasible first. i have too many projects sitting around already! I posted some pics below that are similar. i would need to strip out all of the electronics in the back.

in any case, it looks something like this:

Hi Clint,
i guess one could turn these panels into something really cool…but it also looks like lots of work!
Please do update us if you go forward with this…