Re-use Metadata

I have the same custom AlexaMetadata that I need more than 20 times within my semantic model. Is there a way to externalize the metadata code and reference it from the model instead of creating lots of copies?

No such thing as an ‘include’. Yes you can define everything in text files but it’s still 20 times.
But what’s the point? Just copy’n’paste.

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The point is always the same in software development: not having the same code duplicated many times.

As for my motivation: I’m not yet totally sure about the exact parameter values of my roller shutter alexa metadata but still want to set up rudimentally the semantic model of my house. If I needed to change a parameter value, I’d have to modify it in each and every copy of the metadata.

But this isn’t software development and this isn’t code, it is config data. Changing 20 instances takes a few minutes at most, and you will do that only once or twice so not worth deduplication efforts.