Read Data from OpenHAB things and sent it to other devices


I was doing some play with OpenHAB. One of them is to display my mobile location in some other device which reads data from OpenHAB. I was able to display my location in OpenHAB through GPSTracker (OpenTracks) binding. Now I needs to transfer this data in a location format to some other devices.
What kind of interfaces are available in OpenHAB which can transfer data from OpenHAB? Those interfaces can transfer data in what format types?

Please read the OpenHAB concepts. OH works on Items that may be linked to Thing channels. It does not manage Things directly.

Like most smart home systems today I believe IH can send data to an MQTT broker as a standard means of data interchange in addition to the REST API.

What have you tried so we can provide assistance? We are here to assist not provide search functions for the lazy.


I wanted to know other than MQTT, what other interfaces can send data from OpenHAB? As per your comment OH will send data through MQTT and REST API.

So far, I was able to get my location in OH by GPSTracker binding. Now If I wants to send that location data to some other device from OH, I think I can use MQTT interface alone, right. My another question is while sending data through MQTT, can I sent them in a location format itself like using some type definitions?

You could use rule/rules together with e.g. jython ( see ) and send data to the target device by using a protocol of your choice.

Help us out a bit here. Is that an inkjet printer or a satellite in orbit? openHAB can do both, but the choice of suitable methods depend on the secret device.

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Again if it was not important enough to them for the original poster to attempt to search why do we as volunteers do it for them?

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