Read JSON and show it

I have data in JSON (I can change format if need be to anything) that I want to parse with OpenHAB to show it and make some rules.
But I simply can’t get the data in OpenHAB, after many hours of google and forum searches.
What am I doing wrong?
I’ve attached my config and the JSON data.


Switch Presence_Mobile_OnePlus “Boeghs mobil” { channel=“network:pingdevice:172_16_10_45:online” }
//String Voltage “Current Voltage” { http="<]" }
Text Battery_Voltage_Last { http="<[volt:1000:JSONPATH($.Voltage)]" }
DateTime VoltageUpdate
Text Battery_Time_Last { http="<[volt:1000:JSONPATH($.Time)]" }
DateTime TimeUpdated
Text Battery_Date_Last { http="<[volt:1000:JSONPATH($.Date)]" }
DateTime DateUpdated


sitemap default label="HomeSite"
        Switch item=Presence_Mobile_OnePlus label="Boeghs mobil"
        Text item=Battery_Voltage_Last label="[%s v]"




{“Voltage”: “53.3”, “Time”: “2018-12-16T10:35:22Z”, “Date”: “2018-12-16”}

Thanks in advance for any tips and hints that will get me going.

Did you install the JSONPath Transformation Addon at all?

I am not an expert for the http binding, but I think you may have more luck to get a response if you add missing info: what OH version, what system, what bindings did you install, do you see any errors?, your thing definition (OH2 only), etc
Start here:

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Version 2.3
I buddy told me to try using mqtt instead, but not having much luck there either.
So frustrating.

@Azuria, I am sure you are frustrated, but it is hard to help without you sharing details

I finally got it working.
I used mqtt instead, but thanks to everyone for taking the time to help out. :slight_smile:

Can you share details how you parse Jason object & store in items???